California Grazing

About California Grazing

Mike and Jan Canaday have 30 years experience in ranching and training Border Collies to work livestock. We know of no other company that can match this experience in using dogs and portable electric fence to control goats, cattle and sheep.

Mike and Jan are longtime respected members of the Border Collie community. Mike was the President (1999 to 2004) of the United States Border Collie Handlers Association. This is the organization that sanctions the most prestigious Sheepdog and Cow-dog Competitions in the US and Canada as well as runs the National Sheepdog Finals and the National Cattledog Finals.

Mike is one of only a handful of dog handlers that have placed in the top ten of both the National Sheepdog and National Cattledog Finals. Both Mike and Jan compete in and win stockdog competitions on the west coast. This is important as Mike and Jan have complete control of the grazing animals as well as being able to move herds down city streets if necessary. In addition, we have used netting fence and high powered fence energizers since 1980.

No job is too difficult! We have the highly trained animals, late model equipment and experience you need to guarantee success for your grazing project. If you have been told that your job is too difficult, give us a call. We will be happy to visit your site from San Diego, Los Angles, San Francisco, and surrounding areas. Call Mike at 408.410.0793 for a free and very competitive quote.