California Grazing


Dorper Sheep

We are breeders of registered White Dorper sheep and always have breeding animals for sale. Dorpers were bred to be non selective eaters in Africa. Although they excel in tough African desert conditions, they also adapt well here in California. Dorpers thrive where other sheep would starve. Their ability to consume plants that are not palatable to other breeds of sheep allows them to graze areas that are not suitable to goats.

To learn more about Dorper Sheep and the sheep we have for sale see our sister site at

Border Collies

We also always have working Border Collies for sale. Our dogs compete in Cowdog trials throughout the West and in the National Finals. We have owned Border Collies that have won many championships including The National Sheepdog Finals as well as Western Cowdog Association Dog of the Year award. We sell pups right on up to fully trained dogs. If you need a dog to work goats, cattle or sheep give Mike a call at 408.410.0793.


Our goats are for sale at any time of the year. If we don't have what you're looking for we have many friends in the goat business that may be able to help.

Please call 408.410.0793 and try again if you don't reach us - we want to hear from you! For messages please use our home phone: 559.935.8309.